Implementation and Optimal Operation of Campus MicroGrid-EMS System Considering Multi-MG Power Trading

dc.contributor.affiliationKEPCO KDN
dc.contributor.affiliationKEPCO KDN
dc.contributor.affiliationKEPCO KDN
dc.contributor.authorKim, ByungChul
dc.contributor.authorJeong, HyeYoon
dc.contributor.authorKwon, SoonYeol
dc.contributor.countryKorea Republic of
dc.contributor.countryKorea Republic of
dc.contributor.countryKorea Republic of
dc.contributor.detailedauthorKim, ByungChul, KEPCO KDN, Korea Republic of
dc.contributor.detailedauthorJeong, HyeYoon, KEPCO KDN, Korea Republic of
dc.contributor.detailedauthorKwon, SoonYeol, KEPCO KDN, Korea Republic of June 2019
dc.description.abstractWith the government opening a new climate system and changing the paradigm of the energy industry, eco-friendly fuel conversion, decentralized generation, and energy efficiency are becoming a trend in the new energy industry in the area of high carbon emissions in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. As a result, the proportion of distributed generation power sources is increasing, and microgrid, smartgrid, smartcity, and prosumer are becoming key keywords in the electric power industry.In the case of the microgrid construction project in Korea, researches on the operation and stable power supply of the grid-Isolated and grid-connected microgrids on the energy independent island have been continued, and the area is gradually spreading to smart cities, campus, and military bases.However, there is a lack of research to construct multiple microgrid in one demonstration site and to operate multiple microgrid efficiently. In addition, there has been a lack of multiple microgrid construction and demonstration cases for prosumer electricity trading, which is a global issue in recent years.
dc.description.conferencelocationMadrid, Spain
dc.description.conferencenameCIRED 2019
dc.description.sessionOperation, control and protection
dc.description.sessionidSession 3
dc.relation.ispartProc. of the 25th International Conference on Electricity Distribution (CIRED 2019)
dc.relation.ispartofseriesCIRED Conference Proceedings
dc.titleImplementation and Optimal Operation of Campus MicroGrid-EMS System Considering Multi-MG Power Trading
dc.typeConference Proceedings
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