Providing simulation scenarios for the electricity grid in a smart grid environment

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CIRED 2019
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3-6 June 2019
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Madrid, Spain
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Gonçalves, José , EDP Distribuição- Direção Tecnologia e Inovação, Portugal
Miguel, Pedro , INESCC – Institute for Systems Engineering and Computers at Coimbra, Portugal
Neves, Luís , Polytechnic Institute of Leiria, Portugal
Martins, A. Gomes , Energy for Sustainability Initiative University of Coimbra, Portugal
Pascu, Oana , EDP Distribuição Direção Gestão de Energia, Portugal
The present paper focuses on presenting representative daily electricity generation and load demand profiles and price diagrams by means of cluster analysis. The objective result consists of obtaining usable datasets for researchers to accurately simulate smart grids and new grid technologies based on real and local specific scenarios. This study is justified by the need for reliable data to assess the true value of new grid technologies so that the required investments can be justified. It is thus possible to provide a basis for the study of innovative technologies under the smart grid paradigm, such as the use of energy management systems or electrical energy storage systems.The applied methodology uses two clustering methods to obtain and validate both grid prototypes and price diagrams, as a convenient tool for identifying homogenous groups of objects or clusters according to their similarity, while keeping a significant difference between groups.The present article intends to present the previously developed methodological approach applied to Portuguese historical data sets of hourly consumption, wind generation and gross market prices of a complete year. The used data was obtained from the DSO, the TSO and from the Iberian Energy Derivatives Market Exchange or MIBEL website, respectively. The methodological approach provides characteristic profiles for electricity prices, load demand and renewable wind generation that can be used to simulate typical and representative days of a whole year.
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