How to deploy Augmented Reality in Distribution System Operator

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CIRED 2019
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3-6 June 2019
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Madrid, Spain
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Sevčnikar, Primož, TROIA d.o.o., Slovenia
Lednik, Urh, TROIA d.o.o., Slovenia
Keršnik, Matjaž, Elektro Ljubljana d. d., Slovenia
In the past, Elektro Ljubljana d.d. experienced IT support limitations which failed to follow the demands of business processes and the new approaches to planning and managing the maintenance process. Concrete operational difficulties arose, such as poor and incomplete monitoring of data on the condition of assets, which prevented fast and optimal decision-making regarding measures and investments into the existing infrastructure and investments into extensions and renewals. The decision for the implementation of the EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) solution of the IBM Maximo Asset Management information system has proven to be a great success and lays a new foundation for asset control. At the same time, it enables further development in the field of asset management and a constant search for solutions to address new challenges. Therefore, a decision has been made to launch a development partnership with TROIA d.o.o. and to implement the T-SENSE smart platform. The basis of this platform is AR–Augmented reality in connection with smart algorithms, which enable data analysis and operations, as well as predictive behaviour with regard to maintenance. Through the T-SENSE platform, the infrastructure can be easier and better maintained, and in particular, we can have a positive impact on the minimization of errors, better performance, cost reduction and predictive behaviour. Ergonomic glasses, which are an integral part of the T-SENSE platform, have a wide viewing angle and represent a user-friendly and intuitive user interface that can be managed hands-free, which means that you can focus entirely on what you are doing.
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