Storm-proof automatic fault isolation and restoration system for medium voltage networks

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CIRED 2019
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3-6 June 2019
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Madrid, Spain
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Kuru, Jukka, Trimble Solutions Corporation, Finland
Väre, Teemu, Trimble Solutions Corporation, Finland
Vehmasvaara, Sami, Elenia Oy, Finland
Paananen, Heikki, Elenia Oy, Finland
The control-center-based automatic fault isolation and restoration system (FLIR), which was developed in 2012, has been tuned up for traditional overhead networks. In case of an unknown faulted zone, FLIR has been forced to use a rolling sequence, which could end in numerous control commands. The more control commands the longer it takes and the bigger the risk to run into a telecommunication problem or to face another fault, which may cause the case to be aborted before the original fault has been isolated.The tightening supply security requirements have forced DSOs to renovate their networks. Replacing overhead lines with underground cables is the most common technique to increase resilience towards natural hazards and extreme weather. This evolution has been started in dense residential areas, which has led to a new structure of feeders, which typically consist of underground sections in the upstream zones and the remaining overhead sections in the rural downstream zones. Because these hybrid feeders, the question on how to optimally mitigate the impacts of high-impact, low-probability events, awakened to think the meaning of fault clearing automation on a new basis.The paper presents an extended, future-proof FLIR system that matches up both the original operating principles and a new approach for hybrid feeders. Some use cases are presented to compare the reduction of SAIDI and customer interruption cost between the different automation principles. Also, a proof of concept is enclosed to provide an overview, key results and user experiences of the system running at Elenia Oy.
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