Demonstration of the technical and commercial VPP concept: Slovenia demo in InteGrid

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CIRED 2018 Ljubljana Workshop
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7 - 8 June 2018
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Ljubljana, Slovenia
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Krisper, Ursula, Elektro Ljubljana d.d., Slovenia
InteGrid’s vision is to bridge the gap between citizens, technology and the other players involved in the energy sector value chain. Elektro Ljubljana, d.d. one of five Slovenian electricity distribution companies is facing with the increased share of RES, especially PV systems, charging stations for electric vehicles and customers’ higher connection power applications-request. All these new age but operating facilities are already connected at LV (low voltage) network level.Slovenian demo will cover the operation and possible interaction between Advanced Metering Infrastructure, Demand Response, electric vehicles charging system, small scale LV energy storage and the DSO Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system. All these components shall be intelligently integrated into a holistic solution. New possible services dedicated to fulfil the DSO needs will be unlocked and new tools for DSOs developed with the aim to prove on the small scale demo the general concept and approach to significantly improve the network operation. This way, the DSO might become a self-sustainability facilitator. DSO’s VPP- “technical VPP” - will be established for participating on the active DSO management, with the activation of flexible power of distributed resources. The approach of concentrating all flexible facilities related information under the common Grid and Market Hub platform will enable them to operate in a neutral and standardized way. A special validation module - the Traffic Light System - will define their activation.Small scale demo in Slovenia will enable the development of new services for the DSO. The Slovenian regulatory environment analyses, together with forthcoming changes of services and tariffs, will significantly influence on the acceleration of changes by the National Energy Agency, Market Operator, TSO and finally by the DSO.
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