An Enel-ABB partnership to develop an eco-sustainable alternative to SF6 for MV switchgears, dimensionally compatible with existent apparatus using SF6

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CIRED 2019
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3-6 June 2019
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Madrid, Spain
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Chenet, Luciano, ABB SPA, Italy
Hyrenbach, Maik, ABB AG, Germany
Attar, Elham, ABB AS, Norway
Gentilini, Ivano, Enel Global Infrastructure & Networks s.r.l., Italy
Giansante, Luca, e-distribuzione S.p.A., Italy
In order to satisfy the global requirements to reduce the environmental impact of greenhouse gas emissions, ABB through their Corporate Research Centers and their Technology Centers developed some new technological solutions to substitute SF6 insulating medium with an alternative gas called AirPlusTMTM, featured by a very high compatibility with the environment.ENEL, one of the major worldwide distributors of Electrical Energy, present with 13 DSOs in 8 different countries, challenged its organization to introduce new electrical equipment with higher eco-compatibility, considering the physical constraints of existent substations. Thanks to the partnership between ABB and -e-distribuzione (the main Italian DSO, owned by Enel group), a new product has been developed and homologated. This product is fully in line with e-distribuzione technical specification for DY800 (MV compartments for secondary substations with circuit breaker), as the solution has been achieved with already existing and homologated product, by substituting SF6 with AirPlusTM.The dielectric and thermal challenges associated with AirPlusTM i.e. a mixture of synthetic air with C5F10O fluoroketone (C5-FK), are fully investigated and engineering solutions are implemented To ensure a long-term behavior of the equipment on the same level as with SF6, the materials in contact with AirPlusTM have been tested regarding chemical compatibility and mechanical properties and qualified or replaced by compatible materials.This paper presents the technical path applied to the development process, constraints and advantages achieved through ENEL-ABB initiative to develop a fully interchangeable product with the existing one but eco-compatible, finally expectations and targets of pilot installations.
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