Defining a Digitalization Concept for Electricity Distribution Network Maintenance

dc.contributor.affiliationElenia Oy
dc.contributor.affiliationElenia Oy
dc.contributor.affiliationElenia Oy
dc.contributor.authorIhonen, Turo
dc.contributor.authorSalovaara, Pauliina
dc.contributor.authorNiemi, Henri
dc.contributor.detailedauthorIhonen, Turo, Elenia Oy, Finland
dc.contributor.detailedauthorSalovaara, Pauliina, Elenia Oy, Finland
dc.contributor.detailedauthorNiemi, Henri, Elenia Oy, Finland June 2019
dc.description.abstractThe possibilities of utilizing the most modern digital solutions in distribution network maintenance are rapidly becoming more and more viable. In this paper a plan for a new digitalization concept is described. The concept is created at Elenia Oy (Elenia) the second largest distribution system operator (DSO) in Finland and is concept being currently demonstrated with ongoing pilot projects.For a long time, there has been an ambition to enhance the utilization of different information sources for optimizing distribution network maintenance and to move from time- or condition-based maintenance schemes towards predictive maintenance. The concept was created in a way that the level of needed investments in new ICT-systems and equipment will remain in an acceptable level. The global megatrends like decreasing communications costs, cloud computing and cloud data storage as well as affordable sensors are one of the key enablers.The digitalization concept consists of two additional layers embedded on top of traditional network automation i.e. network monitoring and control. The two additional layers are data-analytics combining information from many sources internal to the DSO and in the future also enriched with other information sources as well as utilizing internet of things (IoT) philosophy sensors to provide new condition analytics measurements from network components.The future research concerning maintenance digitalization will concentrate with several industry partners on developing new methods for data analytics and machine learning as well as on how to utilize existing sensor technology for improving maintenance efficiency.
dc.description.conferencelocationMadrid, Spain
dc.description.conferencenameCIRED 2019
dc.description.sessionOperation, control and protection
dc.description.sessionidSession 3
dc.relation.ispartProc. of the 25th International Conference on Electricity Distribution (CIRED 2019)
dc.relation.ispartofseriesCIRED Conference Proceedings
dc.titleDefining a Digitalization Concept for Electricity Distribution Network Maintenance
dc.typeConference Proceedings
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