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    • Approach for multi criteria optimization and performance monitoring of a Virtual Power Plant with urban structures 

      Hobert, Alexander; Schroeder, Heiko; Uhlemeyer, Björn; Koralewicz, Marlon; Zdrallek, Markus; Seeger, Lena; Aschenbrenner, Dirk; Biesenbach, Pascal (AIM, 2019-06-03)
      In this Paper a simple approach for modelling a multi criteria optimisation is described which includes the three relevant politic targets for energy-systems. Furthermore the optimization results are evaluated with a ...
    • Assessing the energetic self-sufficiency of a residential district 

      Garzon-Real, James; Uhlemeyer, Björn; Zdrallek, Markus; Benthin, Jörn; Lucke, Nadine; Wortmann, Ben; Stabenau, Carsten; Dirkmann, Ulrich (AIM, 2019-06-03)
      This paper presents the assessment of the energetic self-sufficiency of a residential district under consideration of the “energy cells approach”. The primary objective of this investigation is to achieve a climate-friendly ...