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    • Microgrids for decentralized energy markets based on blockchains 

      Velotto, Giovanni; Majumder, Ritwik; Stridh, Bemgt (AIM, June 2018)
      Blockchains technologies can revolutionize the economies and the business models with considerable impacts on the energy business. The introduction of blockchains opens the way to the creation of peer to peer (p2p) energy ...
    • Nested Microgrids: Operation and Control Requirements 

      Al-Attiyah, Sam; Majumder, Ritwik (AIM, June 2018)
      Nested Microgrids refers to operation of multiple interconnected microgrids. It is based on the idea that multiple microgrids can be connected and disconnected depending on the operation and control requirements. The purpose ...
    • Novel Method for identifying maximum Renewable Energy Penetration in Distribution Grids 

      Biagini, Veronica; Giuntoli, Marco; Noglik, Peter; Biskoping, Matthias; Gutermuth, Georg; Bhalodi, Kalpesh; Oudalov, Alexandre (AIM, June 2018)
      With more and more integration of renewable energy sources into the grid, electrical network structure is experiencing significant changes which causes existing power system study tools and algorithms need to be developed ...