CIRED is the Leading Forum where the Electricity Distribution Community meets. CIRED holds the major International Electricity Conference every two years as well as different workshops on specific themes. The CIRED Repository platform aims to compile the reports presented during these major events and to make them easily searchable, accessible and citable. Each report has a dedicated URL and is open-access.

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  • Novel Technical Solutions as an Enabler of the Small-Scale Demand Response Resources 

    Tikka, Ville; Romanenko, Aleksei; Mashlakov, Aleksei; Annala, Salla; Honkapuro, Samuli; Partanen, Jarmo (AIM, June 2019)
    The paper presents an overview of the present technical barriers and triggers on the utilization of small active resources in demand response (DR) market and suggests requirements to novel technical solutions enabling ...
  • Partial Discharge alert system in medium voltage switchgear 

    Gemme, Carlo; Guastavino, Francesco; Hencken, Kai; Krivda, Andrej; maret, Yannick; Testa, Marco; Gallesi, Federico (AIM, June 2019)
    Partial discharge (PD) is a well-known indicator of insulation problems in high voltage equipment. We report on experience collected during the development of a new online PD detection and alert system for air insulated ...
  • Local flexibility markets: An economic solution for the upcoming influence of electrical charging station penetration 

    Kotthaus, Kevin; Pack, Sven; Hermanns, Jessica; Paulat, Frederik; Meese, Jan; Zdrallek, Markus; Neusel-Lange, Nils; Raczka, Sebastian (AIM, June 2019)
    The installation of decentralized renewable energies is still going on in low and medium voltage grids and will increase the frequency of congestions in the near future. Especially voltage range violations are issues caused ...
  • Arc phenomena and method of arc extinction in air circuit breaker 

    Park, Woojin; Kim, Young Kook; Lee, Sangchul; Ahn, Kil-Young; Kim, Young-Geun (AIM, June 2019)
    Air Circuit Breaker (ACB) is an electric control devicethat interrupts the abnormal currents which result from theover-loads or short-circuits in Low voltage(less than1,000Vac or 1,500Vdc) distribution line. Recently, ...
  • Endurance Life Prediction of Gas-Insulated Circuit Breaker and Spring Operating Mechanism Components 

    Jeong, JaeHo; Ko, KwangJin; Tak, SungJun; Ahn, HeeSub; Choi, JongUng; Kim, Young-Geun; Kim, Min Jee (AIM, June 2019)
    The GCB(gas-insulated circuit breaker) is very important in power system and is driven by a SOM(spring operating mechanism). During the operating of the GCB and SOM, a heavy load is applied at high speed, and many parts ...

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